Custom EpiControl MOCVD Process Software

EpiTek’s EpiControl Software is a Windows based real time user-friendly interactive process control system for MOCVD and CVD applicaitons.

EpiTek’s patented EpiControl Software utilizes spreadsheet run format that includes sequential layer operation defined by time steps, ramping, and looping functions. Recipes are easily editable for efficient programming.  Other features include a real-time Windows based interface screen of all process components as the primary system operator interface for recipe control, maintenance routines, operator configurable system parameters, process trend monitors, and safety/alarm capabilities. All run parameters are savable and recallable for repeated use or simple editing for a subsequent run.

The EpiControl Software uses an industrial computer and PLC Controller for maximum reliability. Importantly, this control system interfaces with all common in-situ process monitors, offers remote access and is
provided with training software.

The EpiControl Software is used with PLC brands such as Control Technology Corporation, OMRON, but can be customized with other PLC brands.